Come to our Drop Off, Drop In Open house this Sunday December 14, 2014 from 10 AM to 1PM at our new warehouse location 93 Talcott Road in West Hartford.  We’ll have pizza, hot chocolate and soda.  Drop off some donations and get a tour of our new space and meet the board.  We are out of just about everything including: small appliances (coffee makers, toasters, microwaves, blenders). lamps (we only have 1 left), TVs, coffee tables, end tables, kitchen tables (we gave away the pink one yesterday), pots & pans, bowls, platters, towels and curtains. Even dishes are starting to run scarce. We also need NEW PILLOWS!  Please see our list of needed items on the “Wish List” of our website.We have a new way for you to make financial donations to A Hand Up.  It’s through our “donate” button.  Give it a try!


When you shop use smile.amazon.com – it’s the same as Amazon but we receive 1/2 percent of your purchase price
You can also donate when you shop!  When you shop on Amazon, use their Amazon Smile website.  You can use your Amazon prime or regular Amazon account.  Just sign up on smile.amazon.com and select A Hand Up, Inc (we’re the one in West Hartford) as your non-profit and voila we get a 1/2 percent of your purchase price.
Also, please consider writing us in as a receiving agency on your United Way sign up form.  They don’t give out new agency numbers anymore but you can write us in.  We are A Hand Up, Inc and our EIN# is 20-2257165


The transition from the streets to a new home can be tough.

Many people manage to escape homelessness, but come home to an empty house every night.

How would you live without even a cooking pot, a chair or a bed?

Sometimes everyone needs a hand up.


A Hand Up, Inc distributes donated goods to help people transition from homelessness to independent living.


A Hand Up, Inc.
P.O. Box 270323
West Hartford, CT 06127-0323

Email: info@ahandupinc.org

Phone: 860-424-2980