Update of April 12 and 13 activity

Saturday – 4/12/14: Sam Paul reports: “Sam and Nick Paul met the team of Joe, Greg, Seth and Dave from UConn at the warehouse.  We had two pick-ups to do.  The first was in West Hartford, which netted us 3 bedframes, a dresser and a small table.  Then we went over the mountain to Canton to pick up 3 chairs, a TV, a hutch, a cedar chest and an entertainment center.  We unloaded the items at the warehouse, which was looking pretty full ahead of the next day’s Drop Off Day from 10:00am – 1:00pm.”

Sunday – 4/13/14: Sam Paul reports: “Danny Keating, Ben Meis, and three UConn returnees from the day before, Joe, Greg and Seth, formed the Drop Off Krewe.  Except that nobody dropped anything off.  However we did have a client come to the warehouse to “shop” for a small list of items she needed for her apartment.  She ended up taking a large armchair, some area rugs, a fan, a lamp, a roaster oven, pots & pans, silverware, dishware, bakeware, towels, 2 comforters and a humidifier.  After the Drop Off day ended, Danny and I took the larger items to the client in Manchester.  The Krewe spent three hours repairing several dressers to put back into rotation, sorting and stocking items left on the “pink table” and reorganizing the inventory of household items by type.  So now all of the arm chairs are together, the dressers are together, etc.  The group from UConn was outstanding both days.  A big shout out to Ben’s dad Steve who lent his home repair skills to rehabilitate the broken furniture.”