Activity update for 4/26 and 4/27

Saturday April 26  Eric Christiana was the driver and leader of our mega pick-up day.  He had some fabulous volunteers:Diane Zareski, Dana Zareski from RHAM, Julio Ortiz, Molly Merenda from CCSU, Chris Day, Yijia Liu, Cameron Mcdonald, Celena Wheatley from UConn.  Traffic got the best of another 2 volunteers,  Joe and Greg, who were delayed by a traffic tie up on I-84 (they came the next day!!!) ~ but there were still nine of us (that’s alotta help) !!!!

They met at the warehouse at noon and formed a caravan with the truck and 4 vehicles following.  They made three stops, some of it in the rain.  Some of the things were saved for the delivery the next day.  Between the first two smaller pick-ups and a “whole house” pickup, the team worked extremely hard to get everything in the truck.  It was the fullest the truck has ever been!  As you can imagine after all the loading our crew ran out of time.  Fortunately Diane and Dana and Eric met back at the warehouse to unload some of the items from the truck.

Sunday April 27

042714 UConn2

Michael Fishman led the day with a delivery to Antoinette.  Eric Christiana returned to help unload the truck which was chock full of goodies.  In addition we had  returning volunteers Dianne and Dana Zareski from the RHAM school and UCONN students Seth Muhall, Greg Harrison, and Joseph Charette (who tried to volunteer yesterday, but got caught in a traffic jam) who all  joined Sunday’s driver, Michael Fishman.  The crew started by finishing to unload the truck.  Then our client, Antoinette, came by the warehouse to pick out the rest of the items she needed. Like a kid in a candy store, she had trouble picking out all the wonderful things in our chock-full warehouse. After picking out some lovely items, Antoinette led us to her house, right around the corner from the warehouse. The gang quickly helped Antoinette fill up her apartment with a complete bed, a sofa, a huge dresser, a coffee table, an end table, a lamp, 2 stools, set of pots & pans, set of dishes & glasses, 3 blankets, 2 sheets, 2 pillows, 2 sets of  towels, a George Foreman grill, an antique mirror, a dish-rack, a vacuum cleaner, a heater and a fan.  Antoinette said she was exhausted, but very grateful. Our volunteers still had some energy to help put away some of the remaining couches in the warehouse. Thanks to Dana and Diane for their dual day effort and thanks to the UCONN men for coming all the way down from Storrs for their Community Volunteer Day. And thank you Eric for helping on Sunday to unload the truck and for repairing that desk – it looks great!”

A big THANK YOU to all the wonderful volunteers and the donors!  It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway – We can’t do this without you!