A touching testimonial from our client last week

On Sunday May 4  Sam and Nicholas Paul and  uber-intern Danny Keating and two West Hartford Rotarians, Kyle and Chad made a great delivery to a client in Bristol.  She met them at the warehouse  to “shop” for the items on her list.  Then the team loaded loaded lots of stuff on the truck including two bed sets, two armchairs, two lamps, a kitchen table, a shelf, an end table, dishware, silverware, pots & pans, cooking utensils, towels and a toaster and followed the client back to her apartment – almost everything she needed to make her new apartment a home!.  In true AHU form, the apartment was on the third floor, accessed by an outside, narrow staircase.  Luckily nothing was too heavy and the team made quick work unloading everything.  The next day Sam received the following e-mail from the client

Thank you and your team of helpers for fixing us  up with our new furniture.  Both my son and I had our best night of sleep in about a month. Your organization is a God-send to those of us in need.

This is why we do what we do.  A big thanks to the West Hartford Rotary Club for assisting.