Mother’s Day delivery

051014 delivery rattigans and newrecruits

Volunteer team delivers the goods to Sigourney Street expectant Mom.
Susan Rattigan, Cassandra, Jordan Poulun, Thomas Rattigan, Danny Keating, Nic Lombardo.
This delivery took place on May 10, the day before Mother’s day and how appropriate as the client, Cassandra is pregnant and Saturday was her due date!  Jim Rattigan was the driver/coordinator and he reports that the delivery to Cassandra  on her due date went very well.  Luckily, Cassandra was awake when we arrived and is ready to have her child, expected to be a boy.  We had several new volunteers helping, thanks to some recruitment by Intern Thomas Rattigan.  Along with the consistently great Danny Keating, Jim and Thomas Rattigan were joined by first timers Susan Rattigan, Nic Lombardo, and Jordan Poulun.
The truck was ready to go upon arrival, with the exception of two or three quick add ins.  Jim Rattigan gave the new recruits a quick overview of the process, and they quickly finished loading the truck.  The drive to Sigourney went well as we enjoyed the first real warm Spring day of the season.
All were happy when we arrived at the apartment building.  Learning the move was first floor during truly warm days is always a relief.  Cassandra is in a small, one room studio with a small bedroom and bath.  We delivered a couch, a nice sized, expandable kitchen table, a shelving unit, and smaller items like end tables and pots and pans.  While we volunteered to help unpack some of her items, Cassandra only wanted us to place the major things where they belonged and assemble the relatively large kitchen/dining room table.  We were all glad to hear she had a supportive family coming by later to help her settle.
The newbies all were happy with their experience and I think we may be able to get them to work with us in the future.  Tremendous thanks to the incredibly committed Danny Keating, and to Thomas for helping us gather in some last minute volunteer recruits.
We love all volunteers and hope we get many more motivated and regular volunteers to keep our efforts going!