A Delivery and 4 Pick-Ups better than 4 Weddings and a Funeral!

With summer almost upon us, it is getting harder to put teams of drivers and volunteers together.  During the school year, Rosemary DaCunha, our wonderful volunteer chairperson, has rounded up many teams of students and organizations to keep the work humming along and making homes for many people.  Hopefully some wonderful volunteers will step forward to help out during the summer months.
On Sunday May 18, we had a very touching delivery to Brian in Middletown who has been homeless and just got an apartment.  He then discovered he needed open heart surgery and was looking forward to returning to a nicely furnished apartment to recover.  Fortunately Michael and Jeremy Fishman were able to make that happen – delivering a new full sized bed, a dresser, end tables, a couple of nice lamps, a kitchen table and 3 chairs, a bookcase, sheets and blankets, towels, glasses and many other items to help Brian to move successfully through his recovery.
Then on Sunday May 25 once again Michael Fishman and another son, Eric were joined by Sam Paul and his son Nick to make 4 pick-ups. They started at Florence’s house on their way to the warehouse and picked up an air-conditioner and 3 lamps. This time o year air-conditioners are an extra treat. Then they met Sam & Nick Paul at Audrey’s house where they picked up a gliding chair, a rocking chair, an end table, a radio and  lamp. Their 3rd stop was to Natalie’s whose family was cleaning out the garage and donated  an excellent table, a rug and a huge air-conditioner. Finally, it was off to The McCauley to see Barbara where they picked up most of the contents of a 1 bedroom apartment. They had to turn down 2 sofa beds along the way as they are too heavy and dangerous for our volunteers to handle.  The truck was filled with 2 twin beds and frames, 2 wing-back chairs, a coffee table, TV & stand, VCR, lamp, a reclining chair, 2 dressers and 3 night stands. Naturally the apartment was on the 5th floor!  In spite of the many stairs, the crew powered through and even unloaded the truck to fill the warehouse.