Thank you for your service, Johnny!

We have been working with the Veterans Administration Supportive Housing group for a few years now.  We often will meet a veteran and case manager at the warehouse so the veteran can select items they want for a future delivery.  Last Monday was one of those days.   It started out as a reservation for furniture from our Veteran friends in the VASH program. Michael Fishman met Marc Neves from VASH and his client Johnny, a Veteran who wanted to reserve some furniture for the following week’s delivery for Vets. Johnny had just received his apartment and was anxious to furnish it, so he could finally live in his own place. So he called his brother-in-law who came with a pick-up truck. Between Marco’s minivan and the pick-up, Johnny had enough helping hands to load a bed complete with frame, 2 sofas, a recliner, a dresser, a night stand, 3 lamps, a kitchen table with 4 chairs, dishes with glasses and silverware, all sorts of cooking items (for apple pie apparently) linens (but no pillows – we are out), a toaster, coffee pot, waste basket and the much needed air conditioner.  Thank you for your service, Johnny.  Enjoy your new home!