The Ebb and Flow of our 1,000 sq ft warehouse

We have a small warehouse space which we could use funding for by the way!!  The 1,000 sq. ft. space fills up and empties out like the ebb and flow of the tides.  When we have a full warehouse, it takes about 3 deliveries before we’re empty again.  Like the ocean tides, our pick-ups (donations) bring in lots of good stuff and some not so wanted things.  The deliveries, like the outgoing tide, gives away lots of things but there are always those items that seem to stick around.

The last couple of weeks have been great examples of the ebb and flow at our warehouse.  Four of our fabulous drivers – Jim Rattigan, Sue Kayeum, Tom O’Neill and Richard Allen all took a stint as driver/coordinator for A Hand Up over the last couple of weeks.

On June 21, Jim Rattigan and his team of his son Thomas, and volunteer Todd Polley brought in the tide of great donations with five pick-ups from around West Hartford.  These pick-ups filled up the truck and later the warehouse.

On June 22, Sue Kayeum and her team of a friend of hers and Todd Polley starting the tide out with a delivery to a very grateful client.

Then on June 28, Tom O’Neill and his family, Jen and Victoria and volunteers Jeremy Fishman and Mary Stauffer, loaded up a good size delivery to a working single Mom of five had her teenage children meet the team and they all helped to unload the furnishings.  They couldn’t have been more grateful and the tide is still rolling out.

On June 29,  Richard Allen and his family, and volunteers Paul McDill and his daughter Emily loaded up more furnishings for a delivery that almost didn’t happen.  One of the hitches to our smooth ebb and flow is sometimes we can’t reach the client.  It all turned out fine in the end.

So now with 5 pickups earlier in the month and 3 deliveries, the 1,000 sq. ft. warehouse space could use more stuff again.