A Hand Up goes multicultural

Proving that A Hand Up is also a multicultural volunteer organization, this weekend we had the assistance of Jordan and James from the UK for a delivery on Saturday and 3 pick-ups on Sunday.  Jordan is visiting his aunt and uncle for 3 weeks and in between trips to Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park, he and his mate James had a few hours to help us out.  Jimmy Hughes (Jordan’s uncle) joined us both days and we had Sue Keating’s help on Saturday as well.

While Board President Mike Fishman was busy hugging pandas during his three week visit to China, the troops gathered at the warehouse and loaded the truck for a delivery to Hilary and her three boys in Hartford.  She had visited the warehouse the day before so everything was already picked out (much easier).  Normally a second floor delivery with no elevator would be nightmare but it was a straight shot up one short flight of stairs for the delivery of 3 beds, a futon couch, an armchair, coffee table, 2 end tables, a lamp, a toaster oven and linens.  We actually ended up taking back a few items that Hilary donated to us including a not-kid-friendly coffee table.

The following day the same team, sans Sue, met at the warehouse and made three stops that ended up completely filling the truck.  Though he’s not a pilgrim, Jimmy Hughes spent a year or so working for the Mayflower Moving Co. and his knowledge of proper lifting, moving and packing techniques was invaluable as we picked up 3 twin bed sets, 2 bureaus, 2 leather armchairs and a hassock, a small side table, clothes hamper and bedding from a home in West Hartford, a hutch and sideboard from a home in Avon and a 7 piece bedroom set from a home in Windsor Locks.  The donor in Avon also gave A Hand Up a $100 donation in exchange for our assistance in getting a pump organ from the garage into the basement.  So I guess that makes her an organ donor.  Jordan and James had a boat ride on the Connecticut River waiting for them so we left the truck full.

The same team met Tuesday evening at 5:30pm to unload the truck and make a delivery to Paul in Southington who had been very patient.

Thanks for helping us help others.