We set a record! In July 2014 21 pick-ups and 11 deliveries !

It may be the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer and many may be sitting back taking it easy – but that would not be our A Hand Up volunteers!  Although at times, rounding up the volunteers felt like herding cats, they came through to put up these great numbers – 21 pick-ups and 11 deliveries in a single month.

The international flavor of our volunteers continued through this weekend with the Brits James and Jordan joining Sam Paul, Janet Tanner, and Jimmy Hughes on some very fruitful pick-ups.  Sunday the Brits were back again joining Sue Kayeum and her daughter, Lauren, twins Jimmy and Johnny Hughes for a just in time delivery to Keisha who is expecting twins.  Keisha received almost everything she needed –  from beds and dressers to linens and silverware – to make her new apartment a home for her expanding family.

We’re going to miss those Brits and hope they return next summer!