It’ll make your head spin!

A Hand Up was running super hot with activities for six of the last 10 days!!! 

This took lots of coordination on Sam Paul’s part and the many teams of volunteers who stepped up to the plate to make it all happen.

Let’s hear it for the Fishman clan – this may be the last time for a while that the Fishman men are able to all participate on a delivery or pick-up now that school, jobs etc will be getting in the way.  On Sunday morning August 3 , Alex, Eric and Michael Fishman loaded up the truck for our client Lenny and her 2 children, Aliza and Carlos. All she had in her apartment was a kitchen table and a blow-up mattress which all of them slept on. When they left they had turned an empty apartment into a wonderfully full home.

Sam Paul has been THE MAN – scheduling deliveries, pick-ups and making many of the same.  He worked in the warehouse making room for more donations and the day before heading out on vacation, he left on a high note with a great delivery after work and a very grateful client.

Jim Ligas made 3 deliveries in Middletown, long time volunteer Eric Christiana made a 3rd floor delivery on a “wicked hot” day making client Kenneth very happy.

Not to be outdone, Michael Fishman met a veteran and his case manager at the warehouse and outfitted him with some much needed furnishings, some of which had just been picked up by Jim Rattigan and his team 2 days earlier.

Finally on Tuesday, Micahel met Camilla and her handicapped brother, Lawrence and granddaughter and they picked out some nice things for her apartment.
If your head is spinning, so is ours!  and the beat goes on….