It’s true – many hands make work light!

082314 Calvary Fellowship church

It’s pretty amazing what can happen when many people gather to lend a hand up!  What a wonderfully productive day we had at The AHU warehouse today thanks to the great crew from the Calvary Fellowship Church.  At 9am. , 14 adults and 5 children arrived at the warehouse willing to get started and with a few simple instructions they were off and running.
Sheets  and blankets were organized  and stacked by size, towels were made into sets, all the bins holding dish towels , table clothes and napkins were cleaned out and re – folded. All the Glasses, plates, mugs , pots and pans were organized as well as silverware and utensils. One of the volunteers brought tools and fixed quite a few pieces that needed it. The furniture was all stacked and consolidated to make room for the pick up lead by Sue Kayeum in Simsbury. The warehouse was swept and each volunteer took a bag of trash to dump. What a tremendous job they did,  wonderful teamwork . We look forward to having them come back. The warehouse never looked so good.