Out with 2014 and into 2015!

A Hand Up has been exceptionally busy since we moved into our new warehouse space.  We have had to fill up the warehouse and now start whittling down our long list of waiting clients.  We have been so fortunate to have a wonderful team of volunteers to make it all happen.  Read on to learn about all of our activities in the past week.  Happy New Year!

Saturday December 27 Susan Kayeum led another successful delivery today!  Dirk and his wife met us at the warehouse and they found enough items to fill their apt. Both couldn’t believe how fortunate they were to not only have a place of their own (they had been living in shelters) but to have it furnished. Remarkably the pieces of furniture looked so well together in their living room and bedroom.

Many thanks to the Keating boys, Jeremy and Bill for their help. They made the delivery of all the furniture look so effortless.

Sunday December 28 The Fishman clan of Mike (driver) and 2 of his sons, Jeremy & Eric took the truck and headed off for 4 pick-ups on Sunday – 2 in Farmington, 1 in Bloomfield and 1 in West Hartford. It was evident after the 3rd pick-up that the truck was going to be full as all the pick-ups gave us extra items that they decided to part with (our gain). We were able to fill the truck with 4 couches, 2 coffee tables, 5 end tables, plasma TV, an arm chair with ottoman, a new full bed with frame, a desk, a dining table, 2 lamps, 3 sets of sheets and a comforter. While we were unloading all these goodies, someone dropped off another couch at the warehouse, since their daughter couldn’t fit it in her apartment in Boston. Again – our gain.

Since we didn’t get to the last pick-up on Sunday, the Fishman clan set back out on Monday to finish the job. We scored an additional dining room table, 8 chairs, 2 entertainment centers with shelves, a glass coffee table, 3 lamps, 4 rugs and a console table.

There is one last set of couches that will be picked up on Wednesday to close out the year. All the items we picked up this weekend were in perfect shape and will be great additions to people’s homes. Thanks to the Morowskys, the Hallers, the Lydons, the Morans, & the Janet’s client for all the beautiful donations. Also, extra kudos to volunteer extraordinaire – Jeremy Fishman who volunteered for an unprecedented 5 days in a row (Saturday through Wednesday). Happy New Year!

Since Sunday, 12/28, Mike and Jeremy Fishman (together with brothers Eric and Alex) have spent at least a couple of hours each day picking up items for A Hand Up.

Today, the team of Mike & Jeremy Fishman, Jim & Tom Rattigan and Sam Paul emptied out the first floor of a converted mansion in Cromwell.  We scored a bedroom set (2 bureaus, a nightstand and a bed frame), a dining room set (table, 4 chairs, side board), a living room set (leather couch, love seat and armchair, coffee table, grandfather clock, side table), a kitchen table and 2 chairs, and many boxes of dishware and kitchenware from a donor in Cromwell.  We unloaded the items at the warehouse, which is now looking very full.