What a winter!

Old man winter threw many curves this winter but A Hand Up was able to mush through most of it thanks to many dedicated volunteers.

January Deliveries = 11 (including 1 vet), Pick-ups/Drop offs = 24

February Deliveries = 11 (including 3 vets), Pick-up/Drop offs = 16

We are on pace for over 140 deliveries in 1 year. Pretty good numbers for having so many snow days.

Last weekend was another example of A Hand Up doing great things.

We accomplished two pick-ups and a “delivery” to a vet.  On Saturday the team of Sam Paul and super couple Erin (Rush) & Craig Doucette ventured to Village Gate in Farmington to pick-up an apartment’s worth of items for A Hand Up.  Despite the teeming rain, we loaded and unloaded a maple drop leaf kitchen table and two chairs, three small stacking tables, two magazine racks, a lamp table, an end table, a table lamp, a queen size bed set (frame w/ headboard, mattress, box spring), two dressers, two night stands, a rocking chair, a table fan, a humidifier, a set of pots & pans, two ironing boards, a jewelry chest, a jewelry box, cup rack, miscellaneous baking pans, lace curtains, laundry basket, iron, towels, wash cloths, shower curtains, rugs, and throw pillows.  Erin and Craig were awesome volunteers and we hope to see them again soon.

The benefit of Saturday’s haul was a vet who arrived at the warehouse the next day with a truck to obtain the items on his list.  He scored a bed frame and dresser for his bedroom (he already had a bed), a sofa, recliner, coffee table, TV stand, lamp and end table for his living room, a kitchen table and chairs, toaster oven, pots & pans, dishware, glassware, silverware and cooking utensils for the kitchen, and linens, towels, blankets, a pillow and a Bethany Lutheran bucket o’ cleaning supplies. Assisting him in picking out and loading items was Sunday’s volunteer team that consisted of Jessica, Josh, and Tyler from St. Christopher Church of East Hartford and Zach, Sean and Danny from Northwest Catholic.  After we had loaded the vet’s truck and wished him well, the team picked up two bed sets (a full and a twin) and an oriental rug from a donor in West Hartford and unloaded the items into the warehouse.  Thanks again to the volunteers from St. Christopher and NWC and especially to Kristi Gillespie who is the link between these two groups.  She drove her confirmands from St. Christopher to and from the warehouse and she is also the Director of Campus Ministry at Northwest Catholic and directs students towards A Hand Up.  Thanks for all you do for A Hand Up Kristi.