Two new homes created last weekend

Last Saturday, the Keating family and Sam Paul met at the warehouse at 0900 hours.  We combined a pick-up in East Hartford with a delivery to a client in East Hartford.  Since we had a list of what we were picking up ahead of time, we loaded one side of the truck with requested items from the warehouse (queen size bed set, crib, high chair, pack & play, sheets, linens, sofa, kitchen table and chairs, pots & pans, glassware, silverware, lamps, towels, pillows, curtains, TV, vacuum cleaner and some small kitchen appliances) and then headed to the donor’s home to pick up the remaining items on the list (dresser, dishes, armchair, coffee table, end table, area rug) plus a whole lot of other items that we eventually unloaded at the warehouse.   We then proceeded to the client’s apartment and unloaded everything on their list.  The family–mom, dad, 2 girls, baby boy, and one on the way—were very happy to have a comfortable living room and a kitchen table and chairs so that they can all eat together.  A huge thanks to the Keatings for their hard work.


On Sunday, Sue Kayeum led a team comprised of Brigid Allen, Ted and Sam Newton and Sam and Nick Paul on a delivery to a woman and her two kids in Hartford.  Brigid helped translate for the team to make sure we provided everything the client needed.  The team loaded and delivered 3 sets of bedding, a small sofa, a dresser, coffee table, 2 end tables, a bookcase, four kitchen chairs, pots & pans, dishware, glassware, silverware, 2 lamps, a set of towels, 3 pillows, a vacuum cleaner, a waste basket and an area rug.  The delivery gods were smiling on us again as the client lived on the first floor and we were able to park the truck right next to their front door.  Sujeiry and her two kids were grateful for the items we were able to deliver to them.  Thanks to Sue, Brigid, Ted, Sam and Nick for helping out on Sunday.