The weather is turning colder

It was a busy weekend and the many volunteers really helped make things happen.  In addition to Drop Off Day, they squeezed in two deliveries on Saturday and another on Sunday. Donors, volunteers, clients, case managers – oh my!  They were rockin’!

Here’s how the weekend went.   At 10:00am this past Saturday, Jim Rattigan, Todd Polley, Sue Kayeum and Sam and Nick Paul met at the warehouse.  The client and her case manager were waiting for us and while Jim and Todd helped her pick out and load the items on her list, Sue, Sam and Nick left for a round of pick-ups.  Nick Paul needs to log 40 hours of driving time before he can take his test to get his license so this was the perfect opportunity for him to follow the truck on a route that took us first to Glastonbury for one stop and then to West Hartford for five more stops.   The truck was full by the time the team arrived back at the warehouse to unload.  While they were on the road, Jim and Todd were kept busy with 6 donors who stopped by the warehouse to drop off needed items.  The following day, Sam Paul and Todd Polley returned to the warehouse to make a delivery to Troy in New Britain.  Troy needed a bed, dresser, recliner, coffee table, end table, crib and other household items for his place.  He was very grateful for the delivery and helped us unload the truck and move everything up to his second floor apartment.  Kudos to Jim, Todd, Sue, Sam and Nick for their great work.