Families picking up, volunteers picking up and donors dropping off

Last weekend we met a family who rented a truck and came over to the warehouse from East Hartford to pick up two beds (one for mom and dad and the other for their 7 year old son), linens, blankets, an electric heater, an armchair, an end table, two kitchen table chairs, a set of dishes, pots & pans and other things to cook with and some items for their 10 month old son.  We also had a successful Drop Off Day thanks to assistance from board members Donna Vibes, Rosemary DaCunha and Sue Kayeum as well as long-time volunteer Jim Ligas.  The day before, Mike Fishman returned to his old Craigmoor Road neighborhood with the AHU truck and picked up donated items from 10 families.  We collected a lot of kitchenware, linens, dishware and small kitchen appliances that are always in demand.  Kudos to Mike and the generosity of all the donors who give us items that our clients need to turn their empty apartments into “homes”.