A Rare “No Activities” Weekend

No activities scheduled for this weekend due to the start of school vacation, Valentine’s Day (Sunday), President’s Day (Monday) and an expected average temperature in the teens.

Our first Drop Off Day of February was a success thanks to Jim & Thomas Rattigan, Hayley & Beckett Zinn Rowthorn, Sean Keating and Alan Heins.  The warehouse was a beehive of activity; what with five donors stopping by to deliver living room furniture, small kitchen appliances, pillows and other household items and two clients showing up to pick up items from their respective lists.  While all this was going on, Sam Paul and Alan Heins made six stops in the Farmington Valley area and filled up the truck with furniture for the bedroom, living room and kitchen.  Thanks to all of the volunteers who got an incredible amount of work accomplished last Saturday.  The following day, Jim Rattigan returned to the scene of the crime to meet Martin Woods and his three sons to make a delivery to a single mom and her five kids.  Together they delivered living room furniture (including a couch from hell), a dresser, dishware, glassware, silverware, chairs for all the kids to sit around the kitchen table, lamps, a TV,  an area rug and other household items.  A big thanks to Jim and the Woods family for helping our client make their apartment a more livable space.

For the month of January we made 15 deliveries and accepted donated household items from 22 donors.  We could not have accomplished this without help from all of our volunteers.  Thanks so much for taking time to make a positive difference in the lives of those who need it most.  Already in February, we have provided furniture and household goods to 10 clients and this has left our warehouse depleted of many high-demand items such as dressers, kitchen tables and pots & pans.  So rather than deliver only a portion of what our clients need for their apartments, we will focus our efforts on filling the warehouse back up with furniture.  Please contact us if you have items to donate to our organization and we will schedule you for a pick-up.