Dual Saturday work days

Save the date: Friday, April 29, A Hand Up Fundraiser at the Hooker Brewery!

Activities and Help Needs:

This coming weekend we are only scheduling volunteer activities for Saturday, 3/26.  We have two clients coming to the warehouse at 10:00am to pick up furniture and other household goods for their respective apartments.  We need 3-4 volunteers to help them pick out and load items from their list.  Sunday is Easter and there are no activities scheduled.

The following Saturday, 4/2, is our first Drop Off Day for April from 10:00am – 1:00pm.  Besides a few volunteers needed to staff the warehouse, we need a driver and 2-3 volunteers to do a pick-up in Farmington scheduled for 4/2.  The donor is cleaning out her house and giving us a truckload’s worth of great furniture.  Please let us know if you can help this Saturday or next.

This past weekend, we conducted pick-ups on both Saturday and Sunday and helped out three clients that came to the warehouse to pick up furniture and other household goods during our second Drop Off Day of March.  We want to thank volunteers old and new for their assistance in filling the warehouse back up.  Thanks to Alan Heins and Jim Ligas for driving.  Thanks to Sheila Ward, Sue and Sean Keating and newcomers Christian Thomas from Northwest Catholic, Ryan Dean from Newington High School and his mom Penny.  Finally thanks to Tom Wiegmann and Bill Conley who we welcomed back after a long absence.  Here is a nice note that we received from Saturday’s pick-up in Farmington:

Hi Sue,
The group just left.  I met your son.  I’m so grateful that my Dad’s things will be put to good use. Please thank the fellows who came out to the house for all they did. Your organization is a blessing to many in need.

Best regards,

Thanks for helping us make a positive difference in people’s lives.