Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, four clients received much needed furniture and other household items for their apartments this past weekend. On Saturday, Mike Fishman worked one on one with Nathaniel who had a truck and his nephew along to help load. At the same time, Alan Heins, Rich & Cam Chmela, Christian Thomas and Sam Paul loaded a delivery to a vet who lived in East Hartford. The vet received furniture for his bedroom, living room and kitchen. A special thanks to Alan Heins who made a second stop at the vet’s place to give him the right bed frame and boxspring combo for the bed we delivered. On Sunday, Christian was back at the warehouse to help Jim Rattigan and first time volunteer Lionel Assie help two clients who came to the warehouse to pick up furniture and other household goods. Thanks to Jim, Lionel and Christian for helping out Jodiel and Yara and their families.

This Saturday, 4/16, starting at 10:00am, we have scheduled three stops with area donors to pick up furniture for our now depleted warehouse. We need a driver and 3-4 volunteers to help fill the truck. On Sunday, 4/17, from 10:00am – 1:00pm we have our second Drop Off Day this month. We need 3-4 volunteers to staff the warehouse and help donors who will stop by to drop off items. We have also set up several clients to visit the warehouse while we’re open and they will need help picking out and loading furniture for their apartments. Please let us know if you can help either Saturday or Sunday this weekend. The warehouse is located at 93 Talcott Rd., West Hartford. We look forward to seeing you there.