Free Beer Friday, Lend a Hand Sat and Sun

5th annual fund raiser at The Hooker Brewery on Friday April 29, 5:30 to 7:30. Bring a friend and join the fun! Help us fund A Hand Up in this very worthy cause.

We are ending April on a strong note, having completed four client deliveries over the past five days to bring us to a total of 18 for the month. Last Saturday, the team of Alan Heins, Sam Paul, Sean Keating (NWC) and Christian Thomas (NWC) made a delivery to a disabled vet in Hartford. His apartment building had an elevator so it was smooth sailing until it came to the couch, which we had to bring up the stairs. Then we couldn’t fit it through the doorway so we had to take the door off of the hinges to get it inside. Thanks to Alan for his perseverance and to Sean and Christian for their strong backs. The next day, Sam Paul made a solo delivery with the help of the two teenage children of the recipient family. They drove to the warehouse and helped load and then unload three twin bed sets, a bureau, a bookcase, a desk and desk chair and other assorted household items. The next day, Ken Drapeau led a delivery to a mom and her three kids with the help of the volunteer team from the American School for the Deaf. These kids are getting so good, all we have to do is unlock the warehouse, open the truck and give them the client list. Finally, today Sheila Ward is opening the warehouse to a vet who found an apartment close by and needs everything but a bed for her place. Thanks to Ken and Sheila for helping our clients make their apartments more comfortable to live in.

This Saturday, 4/30, starting at 10:00am we are filling up the truck with furniture from a donor in Wethersfield. We need a driver and 3-4 volunteers that can load and then unload furniture into the warehouse. On Sunday, 5/1, starting at 12:00 noon, we are making a delivery to a client in East Hartford that has nothing but a twin bed, a TV and a lamp in his apartment. We need a driver and 3-4 volunteers to transform David’s empty apartment into a “home”. Please let us know if you can spare a couple of hours this weekend to give us a hand.