It’s the end of July for us but for our clients it’s another month of being homeless!

Help us end the month of July with a delivery to a disabled vet.  She has been waiting a little over a month for our delivery.  She has a bed but not much else.  We need a driver and 2-3 volunteers to make this delivery on Saturday, 7/30.  The team will gather at 10:00am at our warehouse on 93 Talcott Rd., West Hartford, CT.  Thanks for helping us help a vet.

Last Saturday the team of Alan Heins, Tom Weigmann, Ted Newton, Matt Schott and Dylan & Zeus Woods made a delivery to Bryan in Hartford.  He had nothing in his studio apartment and was delighted to receive a bed, sofa, dresser, end table and lots of stuff for his kitchen.  Parking was a challenge so it was a good thing we had lots of volunteers to make several trips back and forth from the truck to the 8th floor of Bryan’s apartment building.  A big thanks to Alan, Tom, Ted, Matt, Dylan and Zeus for their help.  The following day, Team Licht (Chad, Nate and Tim) along with Brian Tilley helped load the truck with unwanted items that were delivered to the Tabor House Tag Sale.  They also helped reorganize the furniture in the warehouse so that it is easier to find the items that our clients request for delivery.  Thanks to the Licht family and Brian for spending a couple of hours to help us out.