Summertime and the livin’ ain’t easy for our clients!

A big thanks goes out to our dedicated volunteers for their assistance with several pick-ups last Saturday as well as the Drop Off Day on Sunday.   On Saturday, Alan Heins, Danny & Sean Keating and Anne Patrice Sclafani made several stops in West Hartford to pick up household goods.  The next day, Sue Keating and Sue Kayeum were joined by Anne Patrice (for a second day) and Tom Davis who helped unload donated items who stopped by the warehouse and did some excellent re-organization of the warehouse during the down time.  Thanks to everyone for helping us out.

The previous weekend  Alan Heins along with his wife Eliza who was the official interpreter, along with veteran Tom Wiegmann and his son Erik and newcomer Tom Davis loaded up our truck for a delivery in Hartford to Carmen and her 2 children. Although it was hot, the team made quick work out of the delivery despite being in a narrow 2nd floor walk up. With 4 beds to deliver and several heavy pieces of furniture, the task was not easy. But with plenty of strong hands, the job was done quickly and professionally. Thanks to all stalwarts, Alan & Tom W, to newcomers Erik & Tom D and to Eliza for her great communication skills.

This Saturday, 8/20/16, starting at 10:00am from the warehouse located at 93 Talcott Rd., West Hartford, we have another round of pick-ups with stops scheduled in Newington, Hartford and West Hartford.  We need a driver and 3-4 volunteers that can lift furniture to help fill the truck up with needed household items for the 30 clients that we have waiting in the delivery queue.  Thanks for helping us continue to assist our neighbors in need.