August blues – lift them by giving A Hand Up!

Kudos to the volunteer team of Sue Kayeum, Tom Weigmann, Alan Heins and Brendan and Alice Chan for their great work last Saturday.  Sue led the team on two pick-ups.  The first stop was in Wethersfield and we picked up three dressers, a couch and loveseat and a recliner.  The second stop was the Town and County Club who let us take anything we wanted from their attic.  We scored a lot of lamps, two bed frames, three upholstered chairs, end tables, twin bed set, and some other household items.  The team returned to the warehouse and made quick work of the unloading.  Now that the warehouse inventory is back up to where it should be, we have three deliveries scheduled for this weekend and we need your help to make them happen.

On Saturday, 8/27/16, starting at 10:00am at the warehouse located at 93 Talcott Rd., West Hartford, CT, we will meet two clients.  One of the clients is coming up from New Haven with a truck and we will help pick out and load the items on her list.  The second client lives in West Hartford and he will come to the warehouse to pick out what he needs for this apartment and we will load our truck and follow him back to unload the items in his apartment.  We need a driver and 3-4 volunteers to help these two clients.

On Sunday, 8/28/16, starting at 11:00am at the warehouse, we will load and deliver furniture to a mom and her two kids in New Britain.  We need a driver and 3-4 volunteers to make this delivery a success.