Busy August!

We finished August on a strong note, with five deliveries and an incredible reorganization effort from the volunteer team from Cronin & Co. This past Wednesday, Mike Fishman and Todd Polley spent the morning with a group of volunteers from Cronin & Co. Here is the report from Mike: “Just wanted to let you know what a great job the Cronin group did on Wednesday. They came in and unloaded all the items that had been picked up during the past week, which consisted of over 20 boxes of stuff. They also put away all the “unusable” items, packing them up and putting them in the spare room. And one of the women, Julia, personally straigtened out the tablecloth/napkin/place-mat area. We all had coffee after the warehouse reorg and they said they had fun and would love to do this again next year. In addition, the Chrysalis people were an absolute dream to work with. Their movers did a great job and the truck was chock full with all 3 deliveries. I also have to give kudos to Todd, who battled one of our broken couches in what only can be called the war of the roses. It took a while and all the tools and strength he could muster, but he finally out-foxed the couch and won the battle. The whole warehouse looks great once again. It should be messed up by this time next week.” Thanks to Mike, Todd and Cronin & Co. for their great work.
Over the weekend, we made two deliveries thanks to two great volunteer teams. On Saturday, it was Northwest Catholic to the rescue. Sue Keating and Sam Paul were assisted by NWC sophomores Brendan, Lucasz and Sam on a delivery to a vet in West Hartford. The vet met us at the warehouse, picked out his stuff and the team made quick work of unloading his furniture and other household items into his empty apartment. On Sunday, it was parent child day. Todd & Hayden Polley, Sam & Nick Paul, Kerri-Lyn & Van Mayland and empty-nester Mike Fishman made a delivery to a mom and her two kids in New Britain who needed beds, living room furniture and other items for their apartment. Kudos to Hayden, Nick and Van and their parents for helping our neighbors in need.