Veterans’ Day – come help a vet!

AHU has assisted 173 clients with furniture and other household goods so far this year!!!  We want to help 27 more individuals and families before the close of 2016.  With your assistance I know we can achieve our goal.  With the help of Alan Heins on Saturday and Cam Chmela and Matt Schott on Sunday, we managed to do two pick-ups and make three deliveries to individuals in need this past weekend.  We didn’t have any volunteers to staff the warehouse during the Drop Off Day this past Saturday but thanks to the late arrivals of two clients to the warehouse, Sam and Alan were able to pick up some furniture and make it back to the warehouse in time to assist our clients.  On Sunday, Sam, Cam and Matt made a delivery to Emily and her three kids for their THIRD floor apartment.  There was a lot of huffing and puffing as we moved in furniture for the living room, bedroom and kitchen.  We managed to talk the client out of a very heavy sofa that they had put down on their list.  Not a lot of space for it in the living room.  Finally, on Monday Todd Polley and the team from ASD delivered furniture and household items to Latoya and her family.  Thanks again to everyone who helped us out!!

This Saturday, starting at 10:00am from the warehouse, we have scheduled a delivery to Lawrence in Hartford.  We need a driver and 3-4 volunteers to make delivery number 174 happen.  On Sunday, we have a group of volunteers from UConn’s Kappa Sigma fraternity arriving at the warehouse at 12:00 noon to assist with a delivery to a vet in Newington (delivery #175).  We just need a driver to lead the crew.