Lots to do -won’t you help

We love our high school volunteers but want to remind you that we only have room for 1 passenger in our truck.  If you are going to volunteer you may also need to provide your own transportation to our clients and donors.
  • Saturday 1/28 10a-1p – We have a driver but need volunteers for local donor pickups.
  • Saturday 1/28 10a-1p – We are looking for a warehouse lead to staff the warehouse for a client who is picking up his own items.
  • Sunday 1/29 10a-1p – We need a driver and volunteers for a delivery in Hartford.
  • Please email us at Volunteer@ahandupinc.org with who can help and which day. Please include a phone number for us to contact you at if our plans change.
THANK YOU – 4 clients helped

Saturday 1/21 – Alan H, Matt S, Thomas, Zeus, and Dylan showed up to help.  It was kind of a small delivery, but good to have everyone because the building didn’t have a parking lot so there was a bit of walking. Our client only spoke Polish but in spite of the language barrier, it was clear that he appreciated the new furniture, as he only had an air mattress when we arrived.
Sunday 1/22 – Mike F along Dylan & Zeus (again) and Brendan C and his dad, John as well as one other NWC student all helped to deliver a full apartment’s worth of stuff to Billy B’s otherwise empty apartment. The whole event took 1 hour & 15 minutes.  See how little time it takes to change someone’s life?
Monday 1/23 – Susan K and our awesome ASD kids helped our client who only had a folding chair in front of her TV and a blow up mattress. We gave her some nice furniture which fit nicely in her good size apartment.  There were more volunteers than usual which helped because her apt was on the second floor and at the end of a very very long hallway.   Kristina D from the VA also came to the warehouse to set up a vet with the items he needed.  We love serving our Veterans.
  1. Kitchen tables and chairs
  2. Twin/Full sheet sets
  3. Full Size blankets/comforters
  4. Bath towels
  5. Sauce and frying pans
  6. Small appliances.  Coffee makers, toasters, blenders, microwaves
  7. Drinking glasses (glass or plastic) – 6 or 8 oz size – no stemware, mugs or other barware