March into March and volunteer to help A Hand Up

Please note the times of the activities below. They can change week to week depending on the availability of our drivers, donors and clients. We also want to remind our volunteers that they often need to provide their own transportation to the neighborhoods of the clients we serve. We can only have 1 passenger in our delivery truck at a time.


Saturday 3/11 – 10a-1p – We have a driver but need volunteers to help deliver to a Veteran in Hartford.
Sunday 3/12 – 1p-3p – We have a driver but need volunteers to help deliver to a client in Hartford.


Saturday 3/4 – Mike F reported we now have 5 new NWC volunteers who helped with donor drop off day organizing the warehouse and greeting 4 donors. Alan H reported that our Simsbury pickup was a big hit. Very good quality furniture and kitchenware. Thanks to our regulars Zach, Dylan and Thomas for their help. Thanks to Zach’s mom for being the taxi service for our high school volunteers. It wouldn’t have been a success with out them.
Sunday 3/5 – Sam reported that for the first time since I have been doing this (6+ years) we had student volunteers from all three West Hartford High Schools: Cam C and his dad Rich) ā€“ Conard; Joe S with his dad Mike ā€“ Hall; and Sam, Garrett, Zach, Marcelino and Ruishi (aka Robby) from Northwest Catholic. With so many volunteers the load and unload went quickly and we were able to turn an empty apartment into a home.


Dressers (we only have 1 in the warehouse)
Twin Sheet sets and comforters
Lamps with shades (small and large)
Kitchen tables and chairs