We’re on a roll! Come check us out!

We are on a roll!!! There are smiles all around from our happy clients who now have a home instead of an empty space. Then we have smiles from our donors who are getting some empty space with their valuable donations. Isn’t it great how that works?

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – Please email us at volunteer@ahandupinc.org with the date and time you can attend along with your contact number

Saturday 3/25 – 1p-3p- No Volunteers needed. We are all set for a pickup at a donor in Wethersfield.
Sunday 3/26 10a-1p – We have a driver but need volunteers to help deliver to a single gentleman in nearby West Hartford. We will then follow that up with a donor pickup in West Hartford as well.


Saturday 3/18 – Mike F said we had a great delivery. Our new Price-Waterhouse volunteer, Ivan plus 4 NWC volunteers (Zack, Thomas, Rui, Yizhe) were there to help. Our client, Ernie, said he had a big apartment and he wasn’t kidding. He is in a 2 bedroom apartment that had a living-room and a dining room. So we brought a big couch, a couple of armchairs, and a dining table. It was a straight shot, but as is usual this time of year, the snow mad it tricky to walk up to the apartment. All did a great job.
Sunday 3/19 – Jim R reported that he and Sheila W had 3 generous donors dropping off much need items like lamps, toasters, linens and kitchenware. They also did some spring cleaning of the warehouse and fixed up some furniture. The warehouse is in great shape.
Sunday 3/19 – Dave H made 2 stops in Avon to pickup donations with 7 NWC volunteers. Our donor runs move really quickly with a crew that size. Let’s keep that up for all of our deliveries and pickups.
Monday 3/20 – Sue and Hope met a single mom at the warehouse to make her apartment into a home. They had to use their great organizational skills to load up her car with all the items she needed.


Twin Sheet sets and comforters – WE ARE ALMOST OUT
Dressers (we only have 1 in the warehouse)
Lamps with shades (small and large)
Kitchen tables and chairs