Spring is in the air just in time to give A Hand Up

Please read below about the special donations we got from Sam and Garret and the Northwest Catholic School community on Sunday. These young men are great volunteers and really support us! We appreciate them tremendously.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Please email us at volunteer@ahandupinc.org with the date and time you can attend along with your contact number

Saturday 4/8 10a-1p – We are looking for a driver and volunteers to step up our game for 2 deliveries scheduled in Hartford. Between the 2 families we will be helping 3 adults and 6 children.
Sunday 4/9 10a-1p – We are looking for a driver and volunteers to make a delivery to a couple in Hartford who are just getting back on their feet.

THANK YOU – including this very special one

Sam and Garret’s donation drive for AHU at Northwest was a success! With assistance from Mrs. Bournique, a Religion teacher at NWC and campus ministry, they collected items during the performances of the NWC Spring play (The Little Mermaid) and the NWC community’s generosity came through. We scored many much needed household items including twin sheets and blankets, bath towels, silverware, toasters, lamps, drinking glasses and pots & pans (and a check for $25!). Great job!!!!!!

Saturday 4/1 – Sam P manned the warehouse during drop off day and met with 3 donors. Sam and our volunteer also helped Mary R and her 4 kids load up a u-haul for the apartment they were moving in that day. While Sam had his hands full so did Alan H and Ivan who made a trip over the mountain for 3 stops in Avon. One donor even had the couch he was donating reupholstered to make sure he was donating a great item.
Sunday 4/2 – Jim L and his team had trouble reaching the client to make the delivery. They loaded up the truck and headed out but still couldn’t reach him. Sometimes that happens and we don’t get to make the delivery. That doesn’t stop us for loading up and trying anyway. We don’t give up on our clients that easily.
Monday 4/3 – Jim L and the ASD students had a better day delivering a bed, frame, linens and other needed items to a client in need.


End tables and coffee tables
Twin Sheet sets and comforters
Lamps with shades (small and large)
Kitchen tables and chairs