Before the BBQ, come lend A HAND UP!

We know it’s the holiday weekend but think about story that you could tell at your afternoon BBQ of how you helped someone get back on their feet.  Remember that our hours to help are in the late morning.
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – Please email us at with the date and time you can attend along with your contact number

  • Saturday 5/27 10a-1p –  We are looking for a driver and volunteers to help with 2 deliveries (1 small – 1 big) to 2 single mothers and their kids in Hartford.
  • Sunday 5/28 10a-1p – We are looking for a driver and volunteers to bring a medium size load of much needed housewares to a client in East Hartford.
  • Saturday 5/20 Dave H tells us the delivery to Travis went perfectly.  We cancelled on Travis once before so it was critical we get to him.   Thanks to Sam P, Ivan, and Ted N for being the heavy lifters.  
  • Sunday 5/21 – Todd P and the Keely crew made 3 stops for some very nice items.  However we did have to say no to motorized recliner couch that was just too heavy.  We felt bad but gave the donor some other options on how to give it away.  While they were out Sheila W stayed behind at the warehouse to greet 3 donors and do some much needed sorting. 
  • Monday 5/22 – Todd P and the 2017 ASD team made their last delivery for the year and possibly forever.  The 4 students that we work with each week are graduating high school seniors.  Best wishes go out to them for a successful future.  If they put it half the effort into their lives that they did for AHU then they will be just fine.


  • Dressers
  • Twin size blankets and comforters
  • New pillows
  • Kitchen tables and chairs