Make Dad Proud and help us out the day before Fathers’ Day!

Happy Father’s Day!  We are taking Sunday off but we still have plenty of work to do on Saturday 6/17 from 10a-1p for our donor drop off day.
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – Please email us at with the date and time you can attend along with your contact number

  • Saturday 6/17 10a-1p – We are looking for a volunteer to staff the warehouse to greet donors who are dropping off their donations.
  • Saturday 6/17 10a-1p – We are looking for a driver and volunteers to make multiple stops at donor’s homes to keep our warehouse full.
  • Sunday – Happy Father’s Day!
  • Saturday 6/10 – Thank you to Alan H and Susan K for furnishing our client Gregory’s empty apartment.  He had been there for 2 months with no furnishings and now his home is complete.
  • Saturday 6/10 – Thank you to all our board members and volunteers who manned our booth at Celebrate West Hartford.  We were able to reach a lot of people to communicate our mission and how much we help people.
  • Sunday 6/11 – Unfortunately our client cancelled the delivery and there wasn’t time to schedule a new delivery.  That happens a couple times a year but it doesn’t slow us down.


  • Dressers (we only have 1 in the warehouse)
  • Twin size comforters and blankets
  • Kitchen tables and chairs