We’re going to be very busy this weekend!

It’s going to be another busy weekend.  The warehouse has a little space now so we are going to fill it up with donor pickups on SaturdayOn Sunday we will make some new space with a delivery to a Veteran in Hartford.
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – Please email us at volunteer@ahandupinc.org with the date and time you can attend along with your contact number

  • Saturday 8/5 – 10am-1pmWe are looking for a warehouse lead to meet donors and a client who is coming at in 10am for the items he needs.
  • Saturday 8/5 – 10am-1pmJim L is our driver but we need some volunteers to make some donor pickups in Canton, Avon and West Hartford.  We are picking up several much needed dressers.
  • Saturday 8/5 2:30pm-4pmWe are looking for a driver and a volunteer to pick up some items after the UConn Dental School tag sale on nearby Fernwood Rd.
  • Sunday 8/6 –  Noon-2pmWe have Susan K, Sam P and Ivan lined up but we could use a few more volunteers to deliver a large load to a veteran in Hartford.
  • Saturday 7/29 – Knowing ahead of time that we had Sam P and Alan H lined up to help it was a no brainer to schedule two deliveries in Hartford.
  • Sunday 7/30 –  Jim R and Ivan furnished a single mom’s apartment in Hartford and got compliments on how nice the furniture was along with compliments on how great our volunteers are.  At noon Susan K met Amber who came to the warehouse for the items she needed.  Unfotunately the item she need most was a dresser and we didn’t have one in stock.   Amber was still very grateful for the other items.

DONATIONS NEEDED – Large bath towels and new pillows are desperately needed.

  • Dressers
  • Full sheet sets and comforters
  • End and coffee tables
  • New pillows
  • Large bath towels