Lots of stuff happening this weekend. Please come help!

The warehouse is very full and the weather is getting cooler so we are concentrating solely on deliveries for the next 4-6 weeks.  Please come and help out clients that need deliveries and also those coming to the warehouse for what they need this weekend.
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – Please email us at volunteer@ahandupinc.org with the date and time you can attend along with your contact number.

  • Saturday 10/21 10a-1p – Sam P is looking for some help to meet a client at the warehouse at 10am and then make a delivery to a single gentleman in Hartford.
  • Sunday 10/22 10a-1p – Sam P is looking (AGAIN – what a good guy) for help to make a delivery to another a single gentleman in Hartford.
  • Monday 10/23 1p-3p – Todd P and ASD are making a delivery to a Veteran in Hartford.
  • Saturday 10/14 – Sam P, Ivan and Lionel put there best foot forward to make a scheduled delivery but then the client unexpectedly wasn’t home.   We appreciate their effort even though it didn’t work out this time.
  • Sunday  10/15 – Michael F worked the warehouse to meet donors and give away some free items to passersby.  While he did that Jim R, Garet and Sam (returning from NWC) picked up items from 2 donors in West Hartford.  After they unloaded the truck Todd P and his son Hayden took it to make a delivery to a new mom in Hartford.   It was a really productive day.
  • Monday 10/16 – Susan K and ASD students made a trip to Hartford to make a big delivery.   She made it look easy and rallied the troops for a successful day.
  • Tuesday 10/17 – Todd P and Michael F made a quick afternoon delivery to a client who had a furnished studio apartment but was sleeping on the floor because he didn’t have a bed.  A Hand Up fixed that.

DONATIONS NEEDED  – We are not accepting new household donations at this time with the exception of donor drop off days on the 1st Saturday and 3rd Sunday of each month.  We expect to resume accepting donations in 4-6 weeks.