Wow! Serving 6 families this weekend! Come give A Hand Up!

We are on a roll to serve up to 6 clients this weekend.  We need your help Saturday and a driver for Monday.   Sunday’s volunteers are already set up!
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – Please email us at with the date and time you can attend along with your contact number.

  • Saturday 10/28 10a-1p –  We are looking for a driver and volunteers to help meet a client at the warehouse and then make 3 (YES 3) deliveries to the same building in Hartford.   Fortunately 2 of the deliveries are very small.
  • Sunday 10/29 10a-1 – Tom and Jennifer O’Neil and members of their church are making a deliver to a mother and child in Hartford.  
  • Monday 10/30 1p-3pWe are looking for a driver to work with our ASD students to make a delivery.
  • Saturday 10/21 – We ended up with four volunteers (Alan, Ivan, Matt S, and Tom W) so Alan and Ivan and took off to do the delivery while Matt and Tom stayed back to help the client arriving from Meriden. Carlos was living with borrowed furniture and was very glad for the delivery.
  • Sunday 10/22 –  Sam P reported that the delivery to Teresa went great. Lots of help from our students at NWC, Kevin T and Lionel A made it a breeze. While they were delivering Steve M and his son stayed behind and did some warehouse cleaning (a never ending task).
  • Monday 10/23 – Todd P and the students from ASD made a delivery to an elderly veteran in Hartford.  Fortunately he already had a couch so they didn’t have to deliver one up 3 winding staircases. 

DONATIONS NEEDED – We plan on resuming donation pickups in early November.  We are scheduling them now.