Wow! 5 deliveries on Saturday and drop off day on Sunday!

This weekend we are very busy with helping 5 clients and on Sunday it’s donor drop off day.   We need to offer up a special thank you to Thrivent Financial for donating to a matching program for new pillows and sheets.   We are facing a shortage of twin and full size fitted sheet sets.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – Please email us at with the date and time you can attend along with your contact number

  • Saturday 2/17 10-1 – We are looking for a driver and helpers to make 2 deliveries in Hartford.  1 delivery is small and 1 large.   2 clients are also scheduled to come to the warehouse
  • Sunday 2/18 10-1 – We are looking for a driver and helpers to make the rounds to 2 West Hartford donor’s homes.
  • Sunday 2/18 10-1 – We are looking for a warehouse lead to greet donors and sort donations on drop off day.
  • Monday 2/19 10-1 – Susan K is driving and is looking for helpers to make a delivery on President’s Day.   
  • Saturday 2/10 – Thank to Jim L, Alan H and our 4 helpers from Northwest Catholic – Injun, Daniel, Owen & Parker for making the delivery a breeze.
  • Sunday 2/11 – Sam P, Ivan, Dave H and Steve M had plenty of muscle for the delivery to the client’s 3rd floor walkup.   They chose the furniture wisely and were in and out in no time.
  • Monday 2/12 –   Todd and the ASD team scored with a first floor apartment delivery and then headed over to a donor for some beds and frames both in East Hartford.  


  • Dressers
  • Full and Twin fitted sheet sets and comforters
  • Lamps with shades (small and large)
  • Kitchen tables and chairs