Our inventory is really LOW…please consider donating

We’ve been very successful helping clients but our inventory is very low.  Please consider donating items or your time to help those in need.  We are looking for help specifically on Saturday since we already have volunteers for Sunday and Monday.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – Please email us at volunteer@ahandupinc.org with the date and time you can attend along with your contact number

  • Saturday 3/10 10a-1pWe are looking for a driver and volunteers to make a delivery to a mom and her 2 kids in Hartford.
  • Sunday 3/11 10a-1pDave H and members of the Calvary Fellowship will be making a delivery to a single woman in Hartford.
  • Monday 3/12 1p-3pSusan K and the ASD team are making a delivery to a mom and her 3 kids in Hartford.
  • Saturday 3/3 –  Michael F manned the warehouse with Chuck “Mr. Fixit” R to greet 5 donors dropping items off.  While they did that Susan K drove the NWC boys for the donor pick-ups along with Ivan.  One pick-up was a challenge since there was a felled tree blocking the road.  Did that stop us?  No siree…..we trudged through yards, found the house, pick-up the sofa and walked back through the neighbors’ yards to our truck.  That’s dedication to our cause.
  • Sunday 3/5 – Dave H along with Misha, Owen and Agnes helped 3 clients in one day.   2 clients came to the warehouse for their items and then the team headed out on a delivery.  We are getting good at helping more than 1 client per day.
  • Monday 3/6 – Todd and the ASD team served a veteran who had some clothes, some kitchen utensils but nothing else.  Now he has a bed to sleep on and a couch to relax on and work on his college coursework.  

DONATIONS NEEDED – We are very low on:

  • Dressers
  • Silverware and cooking utensils
  • End and coffee tables
  • Kitchen tables
  • Small appliances