Last week was a BUSY week!

What Happened Last Week? 

June 11th – June 17th
Journey Home and A Hand Up Volunteers
this is our 9th Weekly Update from Journey Home
and our Making a House a Home Program!
Last week we…
…Made 8 Deliveries
…Received 8 Furniture Requests
…Picked up donated furniture at
10 locations in Greater Hartford
…Met clients and 1 donor at storage
What a busy week!! 
Thank you to …
  • Our 6 CarMax Volunteers for their help delivering to 2 clients on Wednesday
  • Rob, Carly, and Alison for their work picking up from a donor in West Simsbury, and helping to organize storage on Monday!
  • Alison, Rob, Matt, and mans best friend Otis for their help on Thursday morning.
  • Alison, Matt, and our sidekick Otis for pickup and delivery help on Friday.
  • Sam, Michael, Bob, and Casey for their help on Saturday with 3 deliveries out to clients in Hartford.
  • Last but not least to Ryan, Suzanne, Julie, and Alison for their help with a great Fathers Day pickup at 3 donors homes in West Hartford.
  • Thursday (6/21) from 9am-10am – pick up in West Hartford or Avon
  • Friday (6/22) from 10am-12pm – pick up in Manchester of some much needed beds and then loading the truck for Saturday!
  • Saturday (6/23) from 10-1 – delivery to 2 clients – Driver and Volunteers Needed!
  • Sunday (6/24) from 10-1 – delivery to 2 clients – Driver and Volunteers Needed!
Contact Alison Scharr for more information, when you would like to volunteer, and our new partnership with A Hand Up! We are very excited to see this program grow!
  • Dressers
  • Kitchen Tables and Chairs
  • End Tables 
  • Coffee Tables