Too hot for deliveries but lots of work in the warehouse!

What Happened Last Week? 

June 18th – June 24th
Journey Home and A Hand Up Volunteers
this is our 10th Weekly Update from Journey Home
and our Making a House a Home Program!
Last week we…
…Made 3 Deliveries
…Received 13 Furniture Requests
…Picked up donated furniture at
locations in Greater Hartford
…Met clients and 1 donor at storage
Thank you to …
  • Gretchen, Rob, and Matt for their help on Thursday picking up some much needed beds donated from CHR in Manchester!
  • Alan, Ryan, Jeremy, Marie, her teenagers, Agnes, and Mishi for their help delivering to clients on Saturday!
  • Jim, Dave, Rajesh, Bob, Steven, Marie, and her kids for their help with one delivery on Sunday!
  • Thursday (6/28) from 9am-12am – pick up and hopefully one delivery after!
  • Friday (6/29) from 9am-12pm – pick up and delivery

Due to the high temperatures coming our way this weekend we will not be doing any deliveries. We will only be organizing and taking inventory at storage. We would appreciate any and all help!

  • Saturday (6/30) from 10-1 – organizing at storage (putting together sheet sets, kitchen sets, and boxing items for donation).
  • Sunday (7/1) from 10-1 – organizing at storage – furniture organizing, putting dressers, end tables, living room chairs, etc. in groups to find for faster delivery. Inventory numbers of each.

Warehouse lead and volunteers needed for both Saturday and Sunday!

Contact Alison Scharr for more information, when you would like to volunteer, and our new partnership with A Hand Up! We are very excited to see this program grow!
  • Dressers
  • Kitchen Tables and Chairs
  • End Tables 
  • Coffee Tables
  • AC Units/Fans