Too hot to handle!

What Happened Last Week? 

June 25th – July 1st
Journey Home and A Hand Up Volunteers
this is our 12th Weekly Update from Journey Home
and our Making a House a Home Program!
Last week we…
…Made 2 Deliveries
…Received 6 Furniture Requests
…Picked up donated furniture at 7
 locations in Greater Hartford
…Met 1 client at storage for pick up of items
Thank you to …
  • Rob, Matt, Otis, and Alison for their help with two pickups on Monday
  • Matt and Rob for their help with a pick up on Tuesday
  • Alison and Julie for their help on Wednesday
  •  Sue Kayeum, Rob, Matt, Judy, Julie, and Alison for their help Friday morning and the team of Aetna employees for their work on Friday afternoon!
(Driver and Volunteers Needed for All Three Dates!)
  • Thursday (7/5) from 9am-12am – Pick up and Delivery
  • Saturday (7/7) from 9-12 – Deliveries
  • Sunday (7/8) from 9-12 –  Deliveries
Due to the high temperatures we are trying to start deliveries and pickups earlier in the morning to avoid the heat!
NEW!! Click here to sign up to volunteer between now and December!
Contact Alison Scharr with any comments, questions, or concerns!!
  • Dressers
  • Kitchen Tables and Chairs
  • End Tables 
  • Coffee Tables
  • AC Units/Fans