It’s been a busy week!

What Happened?

August 14th – August 25th
20th Weekly Update from Journey Home
and our Making a House a Home Program!
In the last 2 weeks we…
…Received 12 Furniture Requests
…Picked up donated furniture at
10 locations in Greater Hartford
…Had 4 donor drop off items at the warehouse!
…Had 1 Home Makeover!!
Thank you to …
  • Thursday 8/16 – Todd and Mike moved Items and shelving to the new warehouse and Todd and his son Hayden did a pickup in Avon.
  • Friday 8/17 – Todd and Matt did a pickup in Canton and moved items to the new warehouse.  The dumpster arrived today and Todd started filling it preparing for our move to the new space.
  • Saturday 8/18 – Todd and Ryan spent 2.5 hours breaking down unwanted furniture and filling the dumpster while Alan headed all the way up to Ellington for the donor pickup that filled the truck with needed items for the 8/25 home makeover.
  • Sunday 8/19 – Drop off day was cancelled but our generous donors know our schedule and showed up anyway.  Dave H was there to do some sorting of smaller items and bringing small items over the new space.
  • Wednesday 8/22 – Michael and Alison picked some great items in Farmington.
  • Thursday 8/23 – Matt, Otis, Rob, and Alison picked up some more items for the home makeover in West Hartford and Matt and Rob went down to Wethersfield for a couch pick up!
  • Friday 8/24 – Alison did 4 pickups in West Hartford and Newington for some more much needed items to fill up the new space!
  • Saturday 8/25 – We had the Brown and Kabakoff Families leading the stand for our home makeover as their daughters Bat Mitzvah Projects! Thank you to the Pinettes for helping, as well as Alan, Ivan, and Jeremy for all of their help emptying out the warehouse, loading the truck, and delivering the items to the home makeover family!!
  • Thursday (8/30) –10am – 12pm – Join Todd and Matt for some much needed deliveries to clients in Hartford!
  • Friday (8/31) – 9am – 12pm Join Todd, Matt, Rob, and Judy, for some more deliveries out to clients in need (with possibly 1 pick up mixed in!)
  • Saturday (9/1) 10-1 – Driver and Volunteers Needed for Moving items from our old warehouse to the new one! Only a little bit left!
  • Sunday (9/2) – 10-1 – Driver and Volunteers Needed for Deliveries out to our clients in Greater Hartford!
Thank you all for all of the hard work, especially these last two weeks, you make this program run and we couldn’t do it without you!!
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Contact with any comments, questions, or concerns!
  • Dressers
  • Night Stands
  • Microwaves
  • Toasters
  • TV’s
  • NEW beds!