All moved into the new warehouse! Lots of help needed!

What Happened this Week?

August 27th – September 2nd
21st Weekly Update from Journey Home
and our Making a House a Home Program!
In the last week we…
…Received 7 Furniture Requests
…Picked up donated furniture at
locations in Greater Hartford
…Delivered furniture and household goods to 10 clients in need!
…Had 3 donors drop off items at the warehouse!
…Had 3 Warehouse Moving Days!
Thank you to …


  • Tuesday 8/28 – Gretchen and Rachel for their help delivering household items, Rob, Leslie, and Alison for their help with a pickup in Rocky Hill.
  • Thursday 8/30 – Matt, Todd, Michael, and Alison for their help with deliveries and organizing at the warehouse!
  • Friday 8/31 – Matt, Todd, Rob, Judy, and Alison for their help with deliveries and organizing at the warehouse!
  • Saturday 9/1 – Warehouse moving day, thank you to Michael, Sam, and Kurt and Adrian Brown and family for their help!
  • Sunday 9/2 – Another warehouse moving day, thank you to Todd, Christina, and Adrienne for all of their help transporting, loading, and unloading items!
  • Monday 9/3 – Michael, Sam, and Todd for their help doing a Labor Day warehouse move!


  • Wednesday (9/5) –10am – 12pm – Join Alison, Matt, and Rob for some much needed deliveries to clients in Hartford!
  • Thursday (9/6) – 9am – 12pm – Join Alison, Matt, and Michael for some more much needed deliveries!
  • Friday (9/7) 9am-12pm – Join Alison for some more deliveries out to clients in need!
  • Saturday (9/8) – 10am-1pm – Driver and Volunteers Needed for Deliveries out to our clients in Greater Hartford!
  • Sunday (9/9) – 10am-1pm – Driver and Volunteers Needed for Deliveries out to more clients in Greater Hartford!
Thank you all!! Especially for those that struggled along side us
 for the hot hot days last week and to those that worked
so hard this weekend to help with the warehouse moving days!!
 So much work was accomplished and we so greatly appreciate it!!
Click here to sign up to volunteer for all upcoming
opportunities (lots of deliveries for this week!)
Contact with any comments, questions, or concerns!
  • Microwaves
  • Toasters
  • Lamps
  • TV’s
  • NEW beds!