How does A Hand Up help?

Here’s how:

A Hand Up, Inc. (AHU) works with social workers and case managers at a number of social agencies in the Greater Hartford area to identify people who fit our criteria of being homeless and in need of our support as they move into their first independent living apartment.

The social worker works with the client to review the list of items AHU has that would help to make their transition successful. The social worker then sends the list to A Hand Up.

A Hand Up reviews its inventory to determine what items we have.  We collect needed items on an ongoing basis using volunteers to help with pick-ups and sponsoring drop-off days twice a month at our warehouse.

A Hand Up then makes an appointment with the client to either pick-up the items at the warehouse or to schedule a delivery to their home.

A Hand Up puts together a team of volunteers to help with the delivery of the items or to staff the warehouse during the pick-up.
 A Hand Up, Inc.
P.O. Box 270323
West Hartford, CT 06127-0323


Phone: 860-424-2980