Wow! last week was really busy.

What Happened this Week?

October 1st – October 7th
26th Weekly Update from Journey Home
and our Making a House a Home Program!
In the last week we…
…Received 9 Furniture Requests
…Picked up donated furniture at 10 
locations in Greater Hartford
…Delivered furniture and household
goods to 6 clients in need!!!
Thank you to …
  • Monday – 10/1 – Rob and Todd for their help with a pick up in West Hartford.
  • Thursday 10/2 – Rob for his help with a pick up in the AM and then his continued help with Debbie, and students from the Futures School in West Hartford with a pick up and two deliveries in Vernon.
  • Wednesday 10/3 – Todd and the students from ASD for their help with two pickups in West Hartford.
  • Thursday 10/4- Our volunteers from The Hartford and Debbie for their help with deliveries as well as Todd, Matt, and the students from the Futures School who helped with pickups in Avon!
  • Friday 10/5- Julie and Alison for their help with a pick up in Bloomfield
  • Saturday 10/6 – Susan Kayuem for driving and Jeremy, Ted, Lisa, and Tom for their help organizing and doing one delivery out to a client in need!
  • Saturday (10/14) – 10am-1pm – It is Hartford Marathon Day so we are planning on doing a pick up and hopefully some deliveries in the South End to avoid race day road closures! (Driver and Volunteers Needed).
  • Sunday (10/15) – 10am-1pm – Pick up day with possibly one delivery out to a client in need! (Driver and Volunteers Needed)
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